Laminated Wood

  • Custom engineered
  • Shingles or metal roofing
  • Tongue's groove decking
  • Clean roof design - eliminates bird nests
  • Naturally beautiful

Commercial Custom Wood Shelters Commercial Gothic Arch Shelters Commercial Hexagon and Octagon Arch Shelters Commercial Hexagon Post And beam Shelters Commercial Low Pitch Beam Shelters Commercial Mini Shelters
Commercial Octagon Post And Beam Shelters Commercial Open Timber Truss Shelters Commercial Pergola Shelters Commercial Summerhaven Gazebo Shelters Commercial Timber Truss Shelters Commercial Wood Hip Shelters


  • Custom engineered
  • Shingles or metal roofing
  • Clean roof design - eliminates bird nests

Commercial Gable Shelter
Commercial Octagon shelter for parks
Commercial Square shelter for playgrounds
Commercial 2 tier Gable shelter
Commercial Hip Rectangle Shelter
Commercial Mini Gable Shelter
Commercial Hexagon Shelter
Commercial 2-Tier Square Shelter
Commercial 2-Tier Hexagon Shelter

Global Playgrounds(GPDI) offers a wide array of top quality manufactured shelter products that offers protection from nature's elements including; UV rays, sun, rain, and intense heat. At GPDI, we promise to always commit 100% to customer satisfaction and top quality. We offer the highest standards to help you realize your shade projects. If you feel overwhelmed, do not worry. We will simplify the process for you by creating a holistic package that ensures the your needs are met or even succeeded. You recreation time largely depends on the right amount of shade at the right location. Our shelters are shipped pre-fabricated, which saves construction time and allows you to have your shelter structure much sooner than you expected! Additionally, you may want to couple your shelter with shade fabric if you need more shade coversge.