Safety Surfaces

Quality Safety Surfaces for Your Playground Global Playground puts safety first. Our safety surface services are second to none. We can complete jobs within a week, however, this would depend on the size of the job. We also provide all quotes, but there are some items that you'll need to supply. You can schedule an appointment online by filling our convenient contact form.

ADA-Compliant Safety Surfaces

  • EWF
  • Rubber mulch - natural or colored
  • Containment borders
  • ADA- compliant playground entrances
  • Ramps
  • Landing mats

Low Maintanence Investment - ElastaPlay Pour In Place
IPEMA Certified
Per ASTM F-1292, multiple critical fall heights requirements are met.
Flexible Installation
Designs are easily customized to meet specific job requirements.
5 Year Warranty
GPDI rubber durable rubber surfaces are hassle-free, making them the best surface options to incorporate.
Dual Layer System
The aesthetic EPDM layer is cushioned by an under layer for extra impact cushioning.
Under Layer Material
Choose the Sub-base materials: asphalt, concrete or crushed stone.

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Most Affordable - Engineered Wood Fiber
8-12 Foot Fall Rating
An 8 inch depth is rated for 8-feet and 12-inch depth is rated for 12-feet.
Easy Installation
Possible for installation directly on top of a variety of soil types, eliminating expensive base preparation.
Local Business Support
Locally sourced wood Fiber supports the local businesses processing them.
Low Maintenance
high-use areas can be easily leveled with just a rake. Mats will help with persistent erosions.

The area, layout, and budget of your equipment, are all factors that will vary the best playground flooring material for your space. Rubber mulch is a popular surfacing material nowadays. Modern innovations in technology allows rubber to be shredded up and repurposed into rubber mulch, a safer material for outdoor playground surfacing, in contrast to splintery, traditional mulches which can break damage the skin. We offer affordable prices on our more economical, permeable rubber mulch, which provides a safe play surface for kids without sacrificing the visual appeal of your playground. Rubber mulch is also eco-friendly and can be used safely around various vegatation.

Additionally, we carry wood fiber, another economical form of safe playground flooring. Not only does wood fiber provide a safe surface for kids to play on, but this playground surfacing is slip-resistant and inexpensive compared to other types of surfaces. When properly installed, playground surfaces manufactured from wood fiber allows playgrounds to be wheel chair and stroller accessible. When you install wood fiber surfacing, your playground can be family-friendly, safe and welcoming to all for enjoyment.

Alternatively, if you want to make your existing playground safer, but have no interest in loose-fill surfacing like wood mulch, rubber playground mats should be considered. Install playground mats at the base of a playground slide, for example, and it serves as a safe cushion for the children as they finish their descent at the slide. The playground mats are available for order in an array of different sizes. They are a simple, economical way to vastly improve your school or park playground. These outdoor rubber tiles are a top choice for many of our customers because of their versatility.

Call or email us today to receive your new, environmentally friendly rubber playground mats and playground surface . We are glad to answer any questions you may have as well!