Picnic Tables

Global Playgrounds offers commercial picnic tables for facilities in North America and around the world! Our picnic tables are intentionally designed to last years outside with little maintenance and minimal wear and tear from normal use. The aesthetic appeal of our picnic tables are maintained throughout their lifetime. Our picnic tables are manufactured to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor area. Our commercial picnic tables range in materials from: Aluminum Picnic Tables, Thermoplastic Picnic Tables, Powder Coated Picnic Tables, Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables and Wood Picnic Tables, . We take pride in offering eco-friendly products that are sustainable. The design principles for our picnic tables are care highly focused on ADA accessibility and compliance.

Extra Heavy-Duty Rectangular Table
Extra Heavy-Duty Single Sided ADA Table
Extra Heavy-Duty 8' ADA Accessible Table
Extra Heavy-Duty ADA Shelter Table
Extra Heavy-Duty Shelter Table
Heavy-Duty Rectangular Table
Heavy-Duty 8' ADA Accessible Table
Heavy-Duty Bolt-Thru Table
Extra Heavy-Duty Bolt-Thru Table
Round Contour Table
Multi Pedestal Table
Utility Table