Shade Structures

Professional Shade Systems Installed in Minimal Time

Global Playground is your #1 source for all things involved with playgrounds. All kinds of shade systems can be designed and assembled quickly and efficiently to make your playground more convenient for your visitors. Rain and other forms of precipitation will also be blocked along with the hot summer sun.

Shade Structures

Fabric Shade Systems

  • All stainless steel hardware and cables for maximum corrosion resistance
  • All metal components feature proprietary pretreatments and powder coat finishes for maximum adhesion and colorfastness
  • CoolNetâ„¢ shade fabric canopies
  • Easy canopy removal system
  • Reduces temperatures by 15-20 degrees
  • Extends the life of the property underneath
  • 20-year warranty on metal frames against dust through corrosion
  • 10-year warranty on CoolNetâ„¢ shade fabric deterioration, CoolNetâ„¢ stitching thread, and the fastening system

Shade Structures

Where is Shade Applicable?

  • Playgrounds
  • Pools & Waterparks
  • Bleachers & Dugouts
  • Tennis & Shuffleboard
  • Schools
  • Dog Parks & Pet Boarding
  • Seating & Concessions
  • Basketball & large courts
  • Golf courses
  • Walkways
  • Stages & Plazas
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Car Washes
  • Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants

Custom Designs Available

  • Single Cantilever Shades- Sun & UV protection at pool and bleachers
  • T-Cantilevers- Fabric shade systems for sports seating and bleachers
  • Single Post Shade Systems (Umbrella)
  • Sails Shade Systems- For those awkwardly shaped spaces
  • Shade Kites- Fabric shade systems with removable canopies
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Hexagons & Octagons- Shade systems for covering playgrounds and seating areas
  • Mega Spans-For larger areas
  • Tornado- Fabric architecture for cooling shade and aesthetic beauty
Single Cantilever Shades
Single Post Shade
Sail Shade
Shade Kite
Mega Span