Timm's Hill Backyard Play System For Kids
Timm's Hill Playground Equipment

The Timms Hill playset features 4 unique components all connected to a triple section of Craggy Climber panels. These roto-molded plastic panels are covered in holes and hand grips, which offer a climbing experience similar to a real rock wall. Wtih a wide climbing surface rather than tall, children can safely climb it on the playground with no need of harnesses or equipment. When children move sideways along the wall, they can reach the other components. These include the Curved Overhead Swinging Rung Ladder, where they can test upper body strength and coordination; the PE Climber Attachment, which offers a unique looking panel for chldren to climb around to continue on the rock wall; and the unique Orbital Spinner, which lets children stand in place while holding onto the bars, and use momentum (or a push from a helpful friend) to spin around faster and faster. The Saddle Slide offers a break from all the rigorous physical activity.

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