Teetotum Turret Commercial Playset

Even the smallest of children can benefit from the chance to engage themselves in creative, active play, and Teetotum Turret allows them to do just that. Another exciting addition to parkandplaygrounds.com’s Castle Series of play structures, Teetotum Turret was designed especially for children ages 6 to 23 months, most of whom are just starting to develop their fine motor skills as well as their sense of hand-eye coordination. With this in mind, both the Rain Wheel and Ship’s Wheel are ideal play options for little users of Teetotum Turret. Rotating the wheels in different directions helps toddlers develop spatial awareness, and the low height of the two Wheels enables everyone to get a chance to play. For children that are feeling adventurous, the Draw Bridge Climber and Incline Tube Bridge allow children to reach the elevated portion of Teetotum Turret, where they’ll be greeted by an engaging Gear Panel. Lastly, children will relish the opportunity to whoosh back down to the ground using the Straight Slide. Teetotum Turret is an ideal choice for small children, who will relish the chance to get active and play with their friends.