Cordial Castle Commercial Playset

Give your playground-goers the royal invitation to Cordial Castle, part of’s Castle Series of play structures. Boasting an array of exciting features and play options, Cordial Castle is sure to be the life of the playground thanks to its creative yet intuitive design. At the ground level, the Bongos and Bench Panel allow kids to create a percussive rhapsody while their audience sits in the shade and listens. Once finished, children can make their way up to the elevated portion of Cordial Castle via the Castle Rock Wall Panel, the Draw Bridge Climber, or the steel stairs. There, your playground-goers will find a number of enticing features, including the Hare and Tortoise Racing Panel, the Plinko Panel, and, last but not least, the Spiral Tube Slide, which they can use to whoosh safely back down to the ground. Cordial Castle will provide hours upon hours of fun for kids on your playground thanks to the wide range of play elements it offers.