Castle Grey Maw Commercial Playset

Your playground area transforms into a kingdom where dragons roam and adventures are to be had with Castle Grey Maw’s interactive play elements. When viewing the tall and royal structure, you will instantly be reminded of the legendary Camelot. Kids are enticed to enter the castle by the ground-level activities that include a Pinball Panel, Bubble Panel, and a Percussion Panel. Sound the alarm for invaders with the Single Drum, Bongos, and the Drum Panel located around the structure. Unlocking secrets of a castle has never been easier with the Gear Panel and Store Panel. Playground-goers have the ability to storm the castle via the Draw Bridge Climber along with the Inverted Rung Arch Climber. Kids can defend their kingdom from the Castle Rock Climbers next to the drawbridge and in case of evacuation, the Left and Right Turn Slides are their means for escape.