Santa Rosa Playset For Children
Santa Rosa Playground Equipment

The Santa Rosa is a sprawling, dynamic play structure that has all the bells and whistles! The playground is as varied as it is fun. Composed of two engaging sections connected by an Overhead Horizontal Ladder, there’s an activity to suit every kids’s interests. Children can access the structure using the Carrot Climber or Vertical Ladder. One of the platforms features a Double Slide for children to race down to ground level with a buddy. The next section across the way, is composed of 4 elevated platforms. On the lowest level there is a Net Climber and Transfer Station providing ways onto the structure. A Ship’s Wheel and Wave Slide allow children to imagine life on the high seas when they get ti the next level. Up yet another level, and children can engage with the Bubble Panel, Spiral Climber, and Right-Turn Slide. Zipping down to the ground level, children will delight in playing with a Rain Wheel and second Ship’s Wheel or create new rhythms with a Single Drum or Bongos. Thanks to its ground-level activities, the structure is ADA compliant, and is ideal for kids in elementary school.

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