San Mateo Playset For Children
San Mateo Playground Playset

Children will explore four fun fitness activities all rolled into one on the San Mateo playset. Each activity is focused on improving strength and muscle definition in the arm and core muscles while, of course being entertaining enough to hold their interests. There four different styles of overhead climbers, each ending on the same central square platform. This way, kids can fluidly move from one to the next, or race each other to the center. Children will instantly recognize the classic design of the traditional Overhead Straight Rung Horizontal Ladder. There is an Overhead Double Parallel Bar Ladder, an exciting new version that includes two long bars that children can hang off of underneath, rather than the separate rungs of an ordinary Horizontal Ladder. Lastly, there are two Overhead Swinging Ring Ladders: one with a 90-degree turn, and one with a straight shape.

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