Pioneer Estates Play System
Pioneer Estates Playground Equipment

The Pioneer Estates play structure is packed with every type of component that a child could hope for. There is a Pull Up Bar, Swinging Rings, and an Overhead Straight Snake Loop Ladder, which provide a fitness area at the base of the play system. All of these activities promote physical fitness, especially for their arms and upper body. Pioneer estates provides additional activities that encourage physical activity as well, including an Arch Snake Climber, a Spiral Climber, and two Tube Bridges. There not one, not two, not three...not four, but five (!!) slides spread throughout its structure, including a small Right Turn Slide, medium sized Wave Slide and Double Slide, and a large 60-inch Wave Slide. There is even a Store Panel beneath one of the decks, where kids can exercise their creativity as well, with imaginry games being a cashier and shopper. With Pioneer Estates, children will have all sorts of fun.

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