Montauk Downs Playground Equipment
Montauk Downs Backyard Playset

Three is better than one! With the Montauk Downs play structure, kids will have a blast racing each other to the bottom on the 3 slides and engaging in an entire day of physical and collaborative play. This structure also features a climber and an Overhead Ladder, with two different elevated platforms connected by a set of easy-to-navigate stairs. Once children are on the first platform, which is accessible via Sea Creature Climber and Vertical/Horizontal Ladders, they take the stairs to the 60-inch platform to race down either the Left Turn Slide, Wave Slide, or Right Turn Slide, taking turns on the different chutes! Then, for children of all ability levels, on the ground level, a Ship’s Wheel, Store Panel, and Bongos all encourage dramatic, creative, and social play. The ground-level accessories make the playset ADA compliant. Kids of all ages will be delighted with the Montauk Downs play system, while parents and teachers will welcome the much appreciated break. Expect years of happy memories and inclusivity with this charming playset.

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