Homestead Residential Playground Equipment
Homestead Playground Set

The Homestead play system offers four unique ways for children to climb. The most notable features are the Chain Climbing Wall and Double Overhead Straight Swinging Ring Ladder. The Chain Climbing Wall is an exciting piece because of its size, and flexible chains holding the metal steps in place making an interesting climbing challenge. Children can climb all the way up one side and down the other, since it is double-sided. Because its dual rows of moving hand grips, the Swinging Ring Ladder is one of the most exciting overhead climbers. The Homestead play structure also boasts of a 60-inch tall tower with a square roof and Right Turn Slide. In order to get to the tower, children can choose between three paths, the stairs, Snake Climber, or Vertical PE Rock Climbing Wall. For children who love to climb, this structure is sure to keep them busy for hours!

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