Happy Hollow

The Happy Hollow interactive playset bursts with all sorts of possibilities for interactive play time, development of motor skills, stimulation of the senses and cognitive development to help children flourish. There is a cute little mailbox for their alphabet and numbers mail, a snail drum for making music, and an ascending rock climber with a leaf slide. Children will gather memories with their friends with this unique, fantasy style playset. They will attain skills, and enjoy the Happy Hollow playground equipment for a very long time.

Cooperative Play

Children will discover textures to run their little hands over, hear a variation of sound from the different creatures of the hut and see flashes of beautiful colors. The colorful bead movement in Ferah the Firefly will get the attention an eye or two. The Caterpillar’s colorful rings clamor together when a child shakes them. These lively exercises aid in development and growth of children.

Sensory challenges

The Happy Hollow was designed to encourage inclusive play in diverse classrooms. The interior and exterior keep play near the ground so that everyone can reach. Whether children are playing house in the fantastic interior or exploring the many small wonders on the outer shell, everyone can play together.

Development Of Motor Skills

Children get a physical challenge by flipping levers on Mailbox,and use all of their arm muscles in their to spin Bertie the Bluebird perched near the window. Each companion animal and some of the plants present challanges which aid in development of skills that will eventually help them use a pencil, throw a ball and many more necessary motions for growing children.

Development Of Motor Skills

Designed for mobility, the Happy Hollow playset fits well in both indoor and outdoor commercial playground environments. Children will experience the nature-esque elements of the outdoor structure, instantaneously drawing a connection between the insects and animals to their surrounding area. On less than ideal weather days, children will retreat inside for a warm, comfortable play environment with friends.

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