Grand Rapids Playground Equipment
Gunnison Gorge

From the Get Physical play series, THE Gunnison Gorge is a fun way to get active! Children won’t even realize how much exercise they are getting from the structure's seven components. They are arranged so that kids can easily move from one activity to another. The Circle Overhead Swinging Rung Ladder has a round path of hand grips that children can use to reach the patterned Leaf Ladder, the unpredictable Overhead Spinner, the tilting Overhead Parallel Bar Climber, the unusual Tower of Rings, or choose to go in circles around the rungs for as long as their muscles can hold them. The unique Tower of Rings has three suspended rings to climb over, through, and around. From the tower, kids have access to the large Net Climber and tricky Twisted Rung Climber. Great for large groups of kids, Gunnison Gorge can accommodate 16 to 24 children at once!

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