Eagle's Perch Playground Playset

This play structure will have children feeling as if they are on top of the world! With a slide, climber, and activities, the Eagle's Perch play system has all of the components that every play structure needs to be great. The Pixel Climber has a unique design with cube-shaped blocks and holes that create a unique climbing experience. Accessible to almost everyone, the Station Stairs provide an easier way up. The upper platform is a full four feet above the ground when installed, The upper platform is a great vantage point for kids to watch the rest of the playground sinces it's a full 4 ft above the ground. While up there, the overhead roof provides shade while children enjoy the Ball Maze Panel. The Single Left Turn Slide is a quick way to rejoin their friends on the ground when they get tired of life at the top. The built-in Rain Wheel also adds a little bit of extra activity.

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