Camp Walden

Camp Walden is the ideal playground retreat for children who need a respite from the regular playground craziness. This seven piece corral has activity panels with options for every child to partake in, irrespective of age or physical ability contrasts. These panels are suitable for children to enjoy alone, but are farm more enjoyed when played together with another comrade or more. For the more competitive children, there is Tic-Tac-Toe and Plinko Panels to bring some competitive fun to your playground. The Store Panel also provides a versatile base for all manner of imaginary activities. The simple Gear Panel provides another creative outlet for youngsters with a mind for mechanics. There are two varying types of maze panels for fun solo adventures, and a percussion panel to make cool musical tones. The best part, the activities are all dual-sided. therefore, children won't have to wait around and be bored before they get a turn.

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