Cambridge Playground Playset

The Cambridge play system is not only eye-catching, but packed with opportunities for exploration! Featuring not one, but three brightly-colored slides, the children will be sure to have a blast zipping down over and over again. The Cambridge stands out with it extra long, fun striped slides. To add variety, the structure features a Left Turn Slide, Striaght Slide, and Right Turn Slide. Children can reach the playset’s deck by either climbing the stairs, traversing the Vertical and Horizontal Ladders, or scaling the realistic-looking Boulder Climber. Tons of social fun for kids of all ability levels at ground level near the slide trio are provided with a Ship’s Wheel, perfect for sailing the high seas, and a Rain Wheel. Ideal for children in elementary school, the Cambridge play structure is ADA compliant and should be purchased with adequate safety surfacing in mind.

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