The Importance Of Playground Playtime

When children are playing, they feel a sense of protection from the dangers of the world around them. They enter a comfort zone where they can relax and have fun.

A child's language is "play." In the wonderful spaces within their precious minds, they formulate playful imaginitive scenes, which fosters cognitive growth. While they are imagining things, children practice deep problem solving skills.

In order to relieve stress, play is necessary for children. The chance to imagine playful fantasies will help them cope with anxiety. The playground is the fantastical land where childrens' dreams go live!

Child's play is therapy. It helps them recover from stress, anxiety and other negative emotions they may have. It is crucial to spend quality time with our children, daily, to establish emotional bonds and secure their well-being.

When parents interact with their children during play time, the mood lightens and elevates the soul with joy. This is extremely beneficial for a child's mental health.

Laughter is contagious! It must be shared! when children laugh together, it creates an atmosphere which encourages love and compassion for others. This opens the door to the feeling of trust and charity for others. Laughter eliminates negative emotions, it promotes the increased production of endorphins in the body which stimulates a positive attitude in children.